Archer and Sons Funeral Homes has the perfect option for people wanting do their part for the Environment – an eco-friendly coffin that can be personalised with your own design.

Made from specially engineered cardboard called “Enviroboard” and manufactured by Sydney based company LifeArt Australia, the coffins produce up to 60 per cent less emissions than regular coffins made from MDF or particle board and are made from 97 per cent recycled materials.

Without compromising durability or appearance, LifeArt coffins are available in a wide range of designs including the colourful ‘Abundant Roses’, ‘Karri Tree’ or traditional ‘Australian Cedar’, or even 'DIY' where the family can decorate or write messages on the coffin themselves.

LifeArt coffins enable you to choose a design that really celebrates someone’s life. Funeral services with LifeArt can create a different and very positive atmosphere.

They are the only cardboard coffins to pass all regulatory and Australian Funeral Industry standards. You can find more information at

1. Australian Cedar
2. River Red Gum
3. Natural
4. Karri Tree
5. Blue Horizon
6. Abundant Roses
7. DIY White