The Eulogy


The Eulogy is a personal account of how your loved one has touched your life and others. It is an important component of the funeral service and helps mourners to say goodbye and can assist with the healing process for those left behind.

It is important to remember that anyone can deliver a eulogy. In most cases a family member or close friend will deliver the eulogy or the Minister or Celebrant will deliver the words on behalf of the family and friends. The eulogy may be shared, with a number of people contributing words or memories to remember your loved one.

Helpful hints when composing the eulogy:

  • Write your eulogy as though you are talking to a friend

  • Compose your speech on a computer if possible so you can easily edit it prior to the day

  • Humour can be appropriate to remember your loved one

  • Longer is not necessarily better (it is a case of quality not quantity)

  • Once you have written your eulogy ask a family member or close friend to read over it

A eulogy will often consist of the following:

  • Date and place of birth

  • Names of parents and siblings

  • Early childhood memories (where they grew up and memorable childhood moments)

  • Academic achievements and/or trade qualifications

  • Family members, marriage and children’s details, even pets

  • Details of working life

  • Club and association memberships

  • Military service or volunteer work

  • Sporting or other achievements

  • Hobbies and interests

  • Places your loved one lived

  • Your favourite memories of your loved one including quotes, jokes, humourous stories or recollections