Coronial Enquiries


In the circumstances where a person dies apparently from unnatural causes or if the cause of death is not known, it becomes a matter for the Coroner. It is the role of the Coroner to determine:

  • The circumstances surrounding the death

  • How the death occurred

  • The cause of death

  • The particulars needed to register the death

This process may take several days, depending on the circumstances surrounding the death. The Coroner’s office will liaise with family, often providing a preliminary indication of the cause of death. However, official findings may not be administered for weeks or even months after the death.

For all coronial enquiries, the choice of Funeral Director is yours to make. Your chosen Funeral Director will be in contact with the Coroner’s Office on your behalf to arrange the transfer of your loved one following a post-mortem examination. Once the Coroner has issued a permit to the Funeral Director, they will be able to proceed with the funeral arrangements.

The Coroner’s office has a free counselling service available for families and friends of a deceased person. Counsellors can assist with:

  • Understanding what the Coroner does

  • Explaining what happens if you object to a post-mortem examination

  • Making arrangements to see your loved one

  • Issues surrounding trauma and loss


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