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This page highlights some of the questions we are often asked by families. For any other queries at any time, please do not hesitate to contact Archer and Sons Funeral Homes directly on 9725 7811.


Why have a funeral?

Like any other anniversary or event a funeral is a celebration – a celebration of a life lived. It provides family and friends with the opportunity to reflect on that life and to formally say their farewells.


What types of funeral options are available?

There are essentially three options – a cremation, burial or interment in a mausoleum or crypt.

Who should arrange the funeral?

The appointed Executor, named in the Will is responsible for the affairs of a person following their death. However in most cases a family member or relative can take care of the funeral arrangements, provided they adhere to what is outlined in the person's Will. If conflict arises, ultimately it is the Executor who will make the final decisions on anything relating to the funeral. 


Can I have a funeral on a Saturday or Sunday?

Yes, funerals can be arranged on weekends by prior arrangement; however, there will be additional costs involved in Funeral Directors' fees and cemetery charges.


How long is the time between passing away & when the funeral service is held?

There is no set, legal or normal time for this but the average funeral service usually takes place approximately a week after your loved one’s passing.

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