The Team atArcher & Sons


A Message from the Archer Team


Our team of funeral directors at Archer and Sons Funeral Homes are constantly reminded of how suddenly those closest to us can be taken away.

Modern life has become so busy that we can find ourselves taking each other for granted.

Don’t let it become too late to appreciate those closest to you. Life’s so short; tell your loved ones how much they mean to you now.

Love the time you have, the present really is a gift.

Our Team

Founders: Merv & Margaret Archer, Derek & Carla Archer, Brett & Rita Archer


General Manager: Bob Firth

Funeral Arrangers and Directors: Deb Zanich, Patrick Butterly, Tracey Cherry, Justin Elliot and Erin Boyle.

Administration:  Carol Wilson, Triana Burt & Lavonne Lancaster.

Media: Natasha Zappia.